Dutch Center Opens Door For Cosmetic Surgery Addicts

October 5, 2007 at 10:52 am Leave a comment

A Dutch counselling center has started a treatment course for women with a cosmetic surgery addiction. The center says the number of women that suffers from make up addictions is growing.

The Changes Counselling Center’s founder, Claudia Krumme, points out that annually around 5,000 Dutch women are being treated cosmetically for breast enlargements alone. That is a considerable number, she believes. The Dutch population amounts to around 17 million.

“When women have an average to good sense of self esteem, this is okay”, she’s quoted as saying in Dutch newspaper De Dag. Women that are developing an addiction however remain unhappy about their appearance. They end up thinking that only repeated cosmetic surgery will deliver the boost in their self esteem that they sought when they started. Krumme says that treatment exists for women that fall into this category. In her center, women are trained in a few sessions to increase their sense of self esteem.

On its Dutch language website, the Center says it offers treatment for cosmetics addictions by women who doubt whether their motives to have cosmetic surgery are healthy, women that want to fuse body and spirit and develop a sense of self esteem from within, and women who believe they’ve ‘lost control’ and are never happy with their appearance despite repeated surgery.

“Experts agree that many people who suffer a cosmetics addiction are unable to help themselves. Just like an alcoholic craves more than just one drink, the cosmetics addicted person finds it very difficult to break the habit once they have started surgery, ” the center’s website says.

The Center also treats other addictions, including drugs, alcohol, relations and sex addictions. Women that have a more serious degree of worthlessness and that are suffering from an imaginary idea of ugliness, also called ‘body dismorphic disorder’ are referred to specialist hospitals and clinics.

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