Dutch Dailies Printed On Paper From Ancient Canadian Caribou Forests

October 11, 2007 at 2:12 pm Leave a comment

Greenpeace says that Dutch newspapers are directly responsible for the disappearance of ancient forests in Canada that provide shelter for the caribou. Dutch newspapers are considering changing their Canadian paper supplier.

A Greenpeace report entitled Dutch Glory – Paper contends that a Canadian paper manufacturer called Abitibi Consolidated uses very dubious processes to manufacture the paper on which virtually all Dutch national dailies are printed. The report was published earlier this week and has stirred up debate because it reveals in depth information that’s not generally out in the public domain.

“Abitibi-Consolidated makes paper from wood from ancient forests which are chopped down to be replaced by very simple conifer trees, Dutch campaign leader Suzanne Kroger is quoted as saying in De Dag newspaper’s print edition.

The replaced trees will only match the forest that is being removed in a time span of 250 to 300 years in terms of bio diversity, the campaigner says.

Greenpeace also points out that one of the forests´ most authentic species, the caribou, is under threat as a result. Greenpeace says the fact that Abitibi´s manufacturing practices are dubious is is totally in conflict with some newspaper organisations’ public statements indicating that they conduct environmental friendly policies.

Abitibi has been certified a durable manufacturer of paper by CSA, a Canadian environmental organization. But Greenpeace says that the label is not beyond proven doubt. “A Canadian environmental consultancy agency has researched the four [standard] Canadian environmental certificates which has shown that only the international FSC-label is trustworthy. FSC propagates the same point of view as Greenpeace”, Dutch newspaper De Dag writes.

A spokesman of the Dutch newspaper group PCM Uitgevers told the newspaper that his organization is investigating the claims and will consider changing its supplier if they prove true. It would discuss such a move with other publishers because all Dutch paper houses buy paper together.

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