Second Life And What It Brings Out In Celebrities

October 26, 2007 at 2:55 pm Leave a comment

When Giorgio Armani opened a store on Second Life recently, he reportedly sent his avatar to be interviewed by Other celebrities are also emerging in the virtual world known as Second Life.’s information about which celebs have made an appearance on Second Life and how shows that the number is growing.

The showmasters tend to pay extreme care, not only to their appearances, but more so to what they are doing in the space and time they have allocated themselves in the virtual world. The range of activities stretches from giving talks about issues they are knowledgeable on to live concerts to SL’s active avatars, which number over 2.3 million.

But living the SL it is not all that uncomplicated for the stars. “Being spotted in Second Life can be as hazardous as being spotted in public, except here celebs have to dodge digital penises and fireballs instead of paparazzi”, writes.

Stars are in dire need to be well aware of the latest digital fashion inventory and can also count on being accosted by penis shooting vandals. Wired’s been on a hunt for celebs in second life and picks out these;

Suzanne Vega was the first artist to ever hold a LIVE concert in SL. The concert took place last August. Mypopspace has this link to the concert, which already has been officially branded a ‘historic event’.

The rap star Chamillionaire turned up at SoundScape, Universal’s music island, reportedly animated by his true self. The show has been recorded and plays on his SL jukebox, says Wired, quoting InWorld Studios.

Duran Duran hired a London virtual design company to create custom avatars and an island where the band could perform and fans could gather. quotes New World Notes, saying Cory Doctorow the editor of Boing Boing and sci-fi writer had the brilliant idea to outsource his avatar creation. His fans are invited to create an avatar. He has expertise in digital rights and can be expected to talk about this subject in SL no doubt.

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