Beer is Healthier Than Water After Sports Workout

November 13, 2007 at 7:43 pm Leave a comment

Scientists say research has proven it’s healthier to drink beer rather than water after a workout. A glass of beer is far healthier for rehydrating the body than water after exercise, they say.

A UNI report cites the scientists’ research which has found that sugar, salt and bubbles in a pint of beer are all helping a person to absorb the fluids very fast and very efficiently.

The research, carried out by a Granada University professor, Manuel Garzon, concluded that rehydration levels beer drinkers were higher than those of water drinkers among the test group, some 25 students of the same university.

The volunteers were asked to run on a treadmill at temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius. They ran until they were close to exhaustion and were then subjected to tests into not only their hydration levels but also their ability to concentrate. Their motoric skills were also tested.

After their strenuous effort, half the students that volunteered for the test were given two half pints of Spanish lager to drink and the other half was given water. The beer drinkers’ test results were slightly more impressive than the water drinkers’ achievements, says Professor Garzon. He attributes it to the carbon dioxide in the beer. This helps quench your thirst quickly. At the same time, beer’s carbohydrates replace calories that one loses when working out.

Recommendations for beer use after sports? Don’t overdo it. The researchers recommend you drink no more than 500ml when you are a man and 250ml for women. That is in accordance with maintaining a healthy athlete diet.

Every hour that a person spends exercising should be compensated with around one liter of water. Other studies into beer drinking have suggested that one or two units of beer a day can reduce the risk of heart disease, dementia, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease.

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