Save The Environment By Using An Eco Friendly Printer Program

February 12, 2008 at 2:43 pm Leave a comment

A company called GreenPrint has invented a printing program that scans printouts for content that users are not likely to read before printing. Things like images and banner ads are eliminated from the printouts unless you specify otherwise. The program is compatible to all Microsoft Windows based systems. It also allows you to create even more economical PDF documents. 

I have downloaded the program and it works great. It saves me from adjusting the margins in IE7, something I do whenever I print documents and which has saved me pages and pages of paper and printing toner. GreenPrint’s software calculates exactly what amount of paper, money, and greenhouse gases you are saving by using the program. This is quite interesting.

An individual will on average save up to $90 a year, GreenPrint says. That’s the equivalent of more than 1,400 pages. The company says that if the number of users sign up for its program that they’re expecting to sign up, some 100 million trees could be prevented from being chopped down. That is the equivalent of 300 million tons of greenhouse gases.

greenprint.jpgA case study on GreenPrint’s website details the contribution to the environment that a big pharmaceutical company made in just over 11 months. Their environmental report card shows that they contributed to 6,298 trees left standing, saving 1,858,876 gallons of water, cutting energy usage by 1,094,688 kilowatt hours (the equivalent to heating and cooling 47 houses for a year), preventing 823 cubic yards of solid waste being dumped in landfills, cutting air pollution back by 15,522 pounds. Imagine! That’s only 11 months! There’s a free printer program as well as a paid downloadable program. The latter offers ad free print previews and tech support.

Download the program here.

GreenPrint has also invented a new font which is 20 percent more narrow than Arial, Helvetica and Times New Roman fonts. Called ‘EverGreen’, the new font (see picture) is the first in a series, GreenPrint promises. More eco friendly fonts will hit the market later in the year.

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