Finland Fuels Houses With Seabed Warmth

February 29, 2008 at 8:29 am Leave a comment

four.jpgClean technologies are fast being commercialised and moving into global mainstream business. The driving forces are climate change, energy security and increasing energy prices. In the energy sector, these factors, are pushing clean technology markets of biomass, biofuels, solar, wind and fuel cells in the extent that cleantech is seen to be a next engine for economic growth.

The February issue of Energy & Enviro Finland outlines a few success stories, including a housing organisation’s experiment to warm housed using warmth from the seabed. The organisation, Finnish Housing Fair, installed pumps powered by fuel cells and microturbines driven by combustible methane gas from a rubbish dump. The fair area is almost self-sufficient in clean energy. What’s more, the low-energy system cools houses in the summer!

three.jpgA few other successful projects are found in the forest industry. They include biorefineries, biofuels and combining nanotechnology and smart features with fibres for packaging.

The article also points out that Russia uses what’s known as associated gas – a side-stream of oil and natural gas production – to produce energy and hydrogen. Aim is to deliver this hydrogen in the future via natural gas pipelines to European countries.


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