Asian Companies ‘Greening Up’ Focus Efforts On IT Departments

March 18, 2008 at 7:20 am Leave a comment

It appears that most Asian companies attempting to ‘green up’, start off in their IT departments. A survey of businesses and consumers published today in Korea IT News reveals that green IT has ‘commercial value beyond the conceptual level’, but that companies have yet to wholly embrace eco friendly strategies.

“The concept of Green IT is emerging as a substantial market for producers and consumers”, reports Korea IT News. The paper’s survey into green IT values included over 140 business representatives and more than 600 consumers about eco friendly IT. Some 52.9% of all respondents said that they will choose a green IT product if its price is 5% more expensive than non-environmental product. And half of all surveyed people said that they will buy a green-IT product at a price that is 10% higher.

Company efforts to improve their green status are focused on commissioning their IT departments to develop energy-saving technology and to incorporate eco-friendly parts into electronics. Of 142 business employees, 15% said that their companies have an exclusive team for green IT and 33% said that their companies were considering such plans.

“Still, many companies did not implement the enterprise-wide eco-friendly strategies. Only 20% of respondents said that they established the environmental management system and 11% said that they provide the green IT education to employees”, according to the newspaper.

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