Amplified Green: The slogan for this blog is “Micro Green Issues, Macro Perspectives!” The territory? Planet earth! I try to spot and analyze people-
driven trends and place them in the wider context. I am proud to be a world citizen today and hope this shines through in the blog.

avatarme1About Me: I am a trained journalist-turned-blogger always on the lookout for writing opportunities. I am employed part time by Adfero, a UK copywriting agency and specialize in the environment, finance news, general politics and fiction.

I also contribute blog posts to, and GlobalPolitician.

To check out my other interests, visit:
ClixyPlays, a PR2 blog (my very first). I occasionally write pieces about  trends of whatever kind. It’s the fore-runner to Amplified Green;
ReporTwitters, a service I launched in September 2007 targeting Twittering journalists. The platform has over 70 members and is in desperate need of funding to reach its full potential;
-My PR1 Contentclix blog. It covers fiction, consciousness and (animated) character development.

My Resume: If you want to hire me to write (one or regular) blogposts, articles, news releases or marketing materials, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email.  You can find a copy of my resume detailing my 15-year spanning career as a journalist here.

My Twitter: Follow me on Twitter

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