Carbon Tax Vs Carbon Trading

The debate about climate change will see politicians become sharply polarized between cap-and-trade supporters and carbon tax proponents.

There’s no precedent for a carbon tax, but it’s definitely a viable alternative to carbon trading, it appears. Last week, even Exxon Mobil Corp.’s chief executive officer Rex Tillerson said he’s in favor of taxing carbon dioxide emissions. “[It’s] a more direct and transparent approach,” Tillerson said, comparing the tax to trading carbon. (more…)

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Tackling CO2 As A Matter Of Maths

Climate change mitigation packages should be aimed at reducing temperatures rather than lowering carbon emissions. This makes global government investment in protecting the environment a lot less expensive, say European scientists.

The researchers, in the Netherlands and Germany, have found scientific grounds for the commonly held opinion that high initial costs of eco-friendly solutions are rewarded in the long term by savings from lower energy usage.

Rather than focus on a CO2 emissions cap which is the common approach to climate solutions, the researchers modeled changes based on a cap for future temperature rises.

Working with a temperature cap makes sense in many ways, especially financially, says Michiel Schaeffer of Wageningen University in the Netherlands and lead author of the study. This is because the cost estimates associated with limiting a pre-determined level of carbon emissions often rise rapidly, even exponentially, as the scale of emission reductions to be reached increases. (more…)

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Job Prospects After Obama’s $30 Billion Boost To The Energy Sector

President Barack Obama’s plans to increase the production of renewable energy to double the current levels by 2012 and one of his first acts has been to provide $30 billion in tax incentives to this industry. That was $10 billion more than had been anticipated. The move supports the optimism of the people who anticipate surging growth in the green jobs market.

Recent research by think tank and academic institutions shows that significant job increases in the green sector is expected. The reports provide helpful information for people interested in employment in a green job. Many of them offer detailed information of anticipated growth per sector and region, which is exactly what job seekers need.

A recent survey of the Academy for Educational Development (AED) advises green job seekers to consider a community college as their ‘dream school’.


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Motorola Launches Its First Carbon Neutral Phone

Motorola recently launched what they claim to be first ever carbon neutral phone at the Consumer Electrics Show in Las Vegas. Additionally, the plastics used in the phone’s exterior are made from recycled water bottles.  The company signed up with to offset the carbon produced during the manufacturing process of the handset. Distribution and operating activities are also offset. Motorola invests in the Carbonfund’s program of renewable energy and reforestation investments.

When you take a close look at the phone you will see that the Carbonfund investment is not a free ticket to environmental utopia because the press buttons and the robust exterior are entirely made of the kinds of metals that still will need recycling at the end of the phone’s life. But, having said that, knowing that the plastics are 100% made of recycled bottles is hopeful, especially when competitors like Nokia and Samsung are using bioplastics made from food crops. The Carbonfund also awarded Motorola with its CarbonFree® Product Certification after an extensive product life-cycle assessment. (more…)

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Battery Manufacturing Is Coming Back to the US

Battery production hasn’t been a major US industry for a long time. In recent years, US firms have become more and more involved with developing new technology to make batteries last longer. Now they’re ready to lure the actual production of batteries back to the US.

A group of automobile manufacturing companies has formed a coalition and raised $1 billion in government funds to set up domestic battery production facilities – primarily inspired by the anticipated demand for hybrid and all-electric vehicles.

The coalition, the National Alliance for Advanced Transportation Battery Cell Manufacture, is backed by various established and start-up companies including Johnson Controls-Saft Advanced Power Solutions, 3M Co, ActaCell, All Cell Technologies, EnerSys, Envia Systems, MicroSun Technologies, and Townsend Advanced Energy. (more…)

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Future Building Will Change The Look And Feel Of Towns And Villages

What if zero carbon building became the standard? What would towns look like? Are carbon free homes only for the rich? These questions dominate the news headlines in Great Britain, which is preparing to have all new houses being built to be zero carbon by 2016. The UK government issued the strictest rules in the world on its building industry two years ago and the impact of the new regulations is drastic.

Whether the 2016 deadline is going to be achievable is doubted by both builders and regulators, but a lot of effort is made at making building green. The rest of the world looks on with eager anticipation at how it all unfolds. (more…)

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Company Bosses Eager To Avoid A Carbon Crunch

The looming global economic recession won’t stand in the way of company plans to adapt their strategies for the effects of global warming. Instead, 90% of the bosses of the FTSE-100 companies believe action in favor of the environment is an impetus for business.

A recent report by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) reveals that corporations are stepping up their efforts to measure and reduce carbon emissions in their supply chains. They also are getting more on target to elimininate carbon emissions linked with product use and disposal.


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