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Creating Order In The Chaos Of Enterprise Carbon Credits

carbontr.jpgCompanies involved in offsetting their carbon footprint have access to over twenty tools to calculate their emissions, most of which have been launched in the last year. So far, the voluntary carbon offsetting market is dominated by European players. Reviews of their efforts have not been all too positive, so US companies following in their footsteps do best to avoid the pitfalls.

The main criticism centers on what´s left out of the equasion. Companies embarking on greening up their business practices are faced with a daunting task and most go about it the `easy way´ at first. There´s the option to simply offset carbons on the Chicago Climate Exchange, the European Climate Exchange or on the newly established NYMEX venture, the Green Exchange. Businesses have access to these exchanges if they wish to reduce their overall greenhouse gas emissions by as little as 1%.


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Travelling Danish Boutique Sells Luxury Low Impact Gimmicks

Increasing numbers of consumers and companies make conscious efforts to reduce their carbon foot print to a minimum. The travelling shop FLOWmarket takes the concept to the extreme.

FLOWmarket is a Danish anti-shop that travels the globe. Its racks are jam packed with bottles, boxes and bags, yet the shop sells nothing a human being doesn’t need. Its formula is designed so it achieves 100% on this philosophy.

Labels on the ‘scarcety goods’ on offer in its permanent retail outlet in Copenhagen are humoristic but the products are all void of actual content. Shop assistents seriously stack the shelves with the empty products, which are seriously selling like hot cakes. Commercial-free space, pollution dissolver and spam killers are priced at anything between 2 and 20 Euros. Customers come away thinking, that’s for sure. This October it will be open for one month in Seoul, South Korea. It has already hit New York, Shanghai (China), Taipei (Taiwan) and Zurich (Switzerland).

Global ethical consumerism is getting big. Less outrageous formulas than FLOWmarket aim to achieve on tangible goals, which they derive from an equally tangible surge in interest from consumers with a genuine passion for green. The US initiative is a pioneer with significant clout. It offers an online value based/new economy shopping mall that is pioneering a green buying concept that could be the most comprehensive to date. Even though in a startup phase, already the platform offers shoppers virtually any product. Buyers can link their purchase directly with a green cause, offsetting their carbons.

Alonovo’s producer behavior measuring transparency also makes shopping an educational experience. Shoppers start out by setting their ‘value standards’, and then search lists of products. Alonovo’s ultimate aim is to provide corporate behavioral information about all products. Shoppers can decide what they prefer best before proceding to the Amazon powered checkout. A total of 50% of the purchase goes to the cause a buyer supports.

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