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A Song That Only Dogs Can Hear Is Fast Becoming A Global Mega Hit

Just when you thought it could not get any sillier, now there´s Poopfreeze and a New Zealand hit song that only dogs can hear is breaking through worldwide. So where to begin?

Ip, dip, dash… Poop freeze! The product is advertised by its manufacturers as an emergency pet product. The idea is that you take it with you when walking your dog and when poopsie time comes around, you spray it at leisure. One second later you won´t be handling a warm turd but a substance that´s cold as stone! Really. And what´s more; the spray is biodegradable. Just Frost & Toss!

The stuff is actually designed for those occassions in which your pet has diarrhea or loose stool, so it´s also cool to use if you need to clean up barf. Ideal for puppies and nasty teens! See it in action here:

That was actually a wrong choice of order. The song that only dogs can hear is way funnier! It´s called “A Very Silent Night” and as you can see in the video it was recorded at a frequency only dogs can hear. You actually will get to know your dog for the first time when you see his reactions to a song you know too. It was recorded by a fundraiser of the New Zealand animal welfare association SPCA. It´s breaking through globally from having been a hit during last year´s Christmas. One writer at Digital Journal attributes the song´s popularity to the numerous pet owners who loved the song. They “got mixed responses from their dogs, ranging to violently attacking the radio to doing exactly nothing”.

You can purchase the song for under $5 here, and if you don´t believe me, check the free preview video which I´ve just lifted off YouTube:

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