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Online Social Platforms Connecting Eco Activists

So you want to do something to reduce your impact on the environment. Where do you go? Two sites that allow you to share ideas and find people to collaborate on projects instantly are and

2People is a social eco site which aims to achieve sustainability in one generation. The site works on a brilliant formula; find one other person to become active in combating climate change and work together. It’s as simple as that. No voting, no crowdsourcing for ideas. Common, we haven’t got the time for that!

2People provides the basic knowledge that participants need. The site allows you to understand what’s at stake in the space of five minutes. In that time, you’ll move from the highest impact decisions (Energy, Green Building, Transport) to the lower impact decisions (Food etc) you can make. See the chart below for a breakdown of the carbon emissions by industry of the US, which alone produces 25% of all the world’s greenhouse gases.

2peopleglobal-warming.jpg is a site that’s a lot more heavy than 2People. The site is targeted at teens and is split up in volunteering opportunities, causes, projects, grants and there’s even a section about celebrities gone good. It’s jam packed with ideas and practical opportunities to get your teen involved online. For instance, the Global Warming cause lists these suggestions for action;

– Do Something about Recycling
– Ideas to Stop Global Warming
– Ways to Conserve Water
– Write a Letter to help Global Warming

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