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Write A Letter To Your Great Great Grand Children

desmogblogEver thought it would be a cool idea to write a letter to your great great great grand children? Do it! If you want to have it published online, go to the 100 Year Letter Project at DeSmogBlog and you can rest assured of its delivery.

This is what one environmental scientist, Dr Simon Donner, wrote; “I thought of you, the future Donners. Are you still shoveling snow off the lake and playing hockey at the cottage? Do you have to wait an extra month for the lake to freeze? Or does the lake not freeze at all?”

John Cooksey, a Filmmaker, wrote “It was a tough haul. There were many times when I despaired. Many times we hoped for a savior to come and take away our personal responsibility to act, but we got despots just as often as we got heroes. Maybe it was a challenge we needed, to show us that we had to take care of ourselves, and each other.”

Read this and other (rather interesting) letters in their entirety on DeSmogBlog or go and write your own!

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