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HP Finally Brings Recycled Plastics Cartridges On The Market

Printer cartridge giant Hewlet Packard has begun manufacturing cartridges from recycled water bottles and old cartridges. The ‘closed loops plastic recycled’ cartridges won’t be any pricier, HP assures its clients.

Recycled plastics mainly consist of printer cartridges made of PET polyethylene terephthalate). During the recycling process, additives including fibers and resins are mixed with the old cartridges to strengthen and regenerate the material. Around 70 to 100 percent recycled materials are incorporated in HP’s products from now on. HP asked its customers to recycle cartridges in 2005. Under the Planet Partners Return And Recycling Program individuals and businesses can participate. The project is live in 45 countries and more are added.

Since 2005, printer users have handed in over 200 tractor trailer loads of ink cartridges. Enough to create more than 200 million new ones.

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