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Green Job Market – Canadian Advice For Transition

green-jobsGreen jobs are very much on the rise, now that the Green collar sector has become firmly established in the recruitment lingo. A Canadian organisation has created a helpful document advising companies on how to make a succesful transition.

The document, released earlier this week, is entitled Our Green Future: Confronting Climate Change – A just transition to green jobs and it is published by the National Union of Public and General Employees (NUPGE).

The organisation addresses questions that arise from governments’ actions to combat climate change. The main issue is the question of how will the economy be affected and what will happen to workers, their families and communities.

”If a business faces tough regulation or a high carbon tax, will layoffs follow? How will workers and communities adapt as businesses are remodelled in a greener image?”, NUPGE writes on its website. The organisation recommends that the government play a lead role in providing support for workers, their families and communities as they transition to a cleaner economy.

”Strategic initiatives may include protection income, pensions and benefits, training incentives, career planning, as well as sustainable industrial strategies”, it says.
Check the site out here.

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