Green Economics Institute Aims To Reform Traditional Economics

February 25, 2008 at 9:09 pm Leave a comment

I recently wrote about the virtual absence of green economic academians but this morning I found an organization that aims to fill just this gap.

It’s a UK based institute called the Green Economics Institute (GEI) and it is developing a new discipline in economics based on an objective assessment problems, options and solutions. It also promotes social and environmental justice. A US Economics Professor, Jack Reardon, as well as a UK Economics professor, Tony Lawson at Cambridge University, claim that this effort is well underway! The four pillars of economics, according to GEI? Policy, Business, Campaigning and academic spheres. Sounds like the right cup of tea!

green economicsGEI’s reform of the economics discipline into a well-defined goals-based area focuses on avoiding partial explanations or solutions. The new brand of the economics discipline is interdisciplinary so that it can factor in all the aspects of complexity into economics. The theoretical economics approach will comprise both methodology and knowledge in its comprehensive reform of the current economic mainstream. Check out their events, conferences, books, publications/research, campaigns and lobbying here.

I had the presence of mind to quickly check out and guess what – another green economics site! Not an academic institution but a green consultancy which claims its website is developed using recycled code.

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